Steve Bates is an artist and musician living in Montréal. Through his work he listens to boundaries and borders, points of contact and conflict. Thresholds are explored, stretched and, at times, completely broken. Information and signal feed back onto themselves creating new situations and events. The sonic is the starting point for his projects which are evocations of communication networks and systems, or expressions of spatial and temporal experience. He frequently uses sound material that is site-specific in an attempt to uncover place and how the sonic effects our experience of site. Time can be measured, stretched, pulled at, ignored, and extended.

Current projects include ongoing exhibitions and performances. He releases music both solo and collaboratively, often through his own small scale publishing and curatorial project, The Dim Coast. His work has been exhibited in Canada, the United States, Europe and Senegal. He works in the field, on the air, in museological/gallery and performance contexts. These shifting territories reflect the content of his practice.

Ongoing collaborations include, Field Sound, with Douglas Moffat and their most recent project, Okta, a multi-channel, permanent, outdoor sound installation commissioned by the City of Toronto, and Lanterner, a music duo with Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt.

Contact: first name [at] dimcoast [dot] net

À l’écoute des limites et des frontières, Steve Bates décrypte dans son travail les points de tension, de contact et de conflit. Les seuils sonores y sont explorés, étirés, parfois ignorés ou complètement rompus. Toujours à l’origine de ses œuvres, le son évoque des réseaux et systèmes de communication ou des expériences spatiotemporelles qui souvent proposent une perception alternative du monde. Ses recherches se manifestent par des œuvres sonores et vidéo ainsi que des installations. Son travail est régulièrement présenté dans le cadre d’expositions et de performances au Canada, aux États-Unis, en Europe et en Senegal. Tout autant qu’en ondes, Bates travaille sur le terrain, intéressé par ce qui sur le plan sonore modèle notre perception des lieux. Ces territoires changeants informent le contenu de sa pratique.